Where in Montana?

Just answering a few questions we get right off the bat…

Well, we can narrow down to the West coast of Montana seeing as how we need mountains. I, personally, like a little human interaction, so then I researched cities by population.

I went down the list:

Billings- 104,170

Missoula- 66,788

Great Falls- 58,505

Bozeman- 37,280

Butte-Silver Bow- 33,525

Helena- 28,190

Kalispell- 19,927

I do have to disclose, prior to deciding the move, we have never been to any of these cities. 

We were also toying with the idea of buying a business. One of the one’s we found online was a Tree Service business in Whitefish, Montana (20 mins north of Kalispell). Upon researching more into the area for business purposes, we discovered that Flathead County was where we wanted to be regardless.

Why? Just watch this: Click Here … Amazing right?

Summer Activities: Hiking, Trail Running, Wildlife Watching, Swimming, Waterskiing, Biking, Fishing, Kayaking… with the added plus of no gators or sharks in any body of water.

Winter Activities: Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledding and DOG SLEDDING, Snowshoeing, Ice Fishing, Ice Skating, Bonfires, Snow Days, Shoveling Snow…

Josh and I love the National Park System. At one point we even thought that prior to moving, we could just go to ever US National Park. Travel for a year. It still may happen one day, but right now we need to concentrate on moving. Hey, if this blog takes off, maybe we can live that dream 😉 But Flathead County is in the perfect proximity of a bunch of Wild Places. We have Glacier, Yellowstone, too many National Forests to name, Canada is within two hours (Banff National Park and Calgary is 5 hours away), Washington, Oregon, Idaho (all known for their outdoors activities) are on or close to Montana’s borders.

Next Blog will be about the toughest part of moving. Hopefully writing it out will also help us figure out how to jump over these hurdles!


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