The Animals – aka the Frazin Children

We had the bright idea to be parents of three dogs and four goats. It is turning out to be the most stressful and hardest part about moving.

Because I love them so much and believe people are genuinely interested (probably not as much as I think) I will tell you a little about them. You can search their individual hashtags as well as #frazinbrothers and #frazingoats on Instagram.

Jack Bauer Frazin (#JackBauerFrazin) – Our oldest son. He is a 6 year old American Bulldog/Staffordshire Terrier Mix. He is sort of a grumpy loner and getting older, but he has times that he loves to play with his younger brothers. He is the most behaved dog we have, however Pitbulls always get a bad rep. When we bought him, Josh and I both weren’t full time and we (Josh) had time to train him. He is sort of getting fat too, thanks to Grandad.

Walter White Frazin (#WalterWhiteFrazin) – Our second son. He is a Olde English Bulldogge, not to be confused with an English Bulldog. He is the silliest looking pup we have, the most territorial of our home, yet the most loving dog that we have. Every morning I let Walt outside with his brothers and he pees and comes right back into the house, jumps back in bed nest to me, and waits for his brothers to come back inside. He is 2 years old, about to turn 3.

Raymond Donovan Frazin (#RaymondDonovanFrazin)- He is our baby. He isn’t even a year yet. Looking back on it, we think we bought him before he was ready, probably 4 weeks old and full of worms. He was still a pig and ate kibbles. He loves food. He is a really smart Belgian Malinois, aka Bomb Dogs. If you just search their name in Google, you will be sure to find many articles on how hyper they are. People keep saying to me, “Oh, my dog is hyper too.” I just laugh and reply… “You have NO idea.”

We have four goats: Arya Stark Frazin (Game of Thrones), Fawkes Frazin (Harry Potter), Maleficent Frazin (Sleeping Beauty), and G-Unit Frazin (The Rapper). G-Unit and Maleficent are Fainting Goats and Arya and Fawkes are milk goats. It will be interesting to see how and when we can get them up to Montana. I think thay will like it there once we build them a nice shed. One of the homes we looked at while vacationing in January has a HUGE fully enclosed shed with heaters, electricity, chicken coop, chick hatchery, food storage… the works. That’s what they need. G-Unit is the alpha female and she usually bosses everyone around. Fawkes is the baby and get bullied by everyone else.

Ok so this blog post turned into a biography about each of our animals. I’m sure I enjoyed writing it more than anyone enjoyed reading it, but hey, this blog is self serving right?


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