Walking on Thin Ice

Since it’s been a couple of weeks, I am going to recollect on some of our recent adventures.

Josh standing proudly by our Ford Focus that moved us across the country.

One of the most exciting parts about moving to Montana is how close to the “Great Outdoors” we actually are. There is not one place in this valley where you are not in view of a huge mountain range. Grocery store parking lots have amazing views. Walmart has amazing views. Car dealerships have amazing views. It’s insane. Naturally, our first Saturday here we woke up early and headed straight to Glacier National Park.

It was a winter wonderland! The entrance station was unmanned, Apgar Villiage had 8 foot high snow berms, and Lake McDonald was frozen for the first time since 2013-2014. 

We were amazed. The sun was beating down and the weather was amazing, despite how cold it looks. Josh was having trouble opening his eyes because he forgot his sunglasses in the car and the sun was so bright!

So we walked out to the infamous Lake McDonald and saw 3 groups in different areas standing/playing on the ice.


Looks pretty safe right? According to the article above, 3 people fell through the ice in 2013… So maybe not so much. But the count is zero this year! (Stupid Floridians.. I think this is why people from Montana judge tourists. One day we will have accrued enough days as residents that we won’t be judged any more. Can’t wait to change my license plate soon.)

Once I was done taking as many pictures as I possibly could, we made our way to the visitor center. We found out that that Sunday was the last day of the season that they were offering free guided snowshoeing tours. So of course we went to check it out!


We fell in love with Montana all over again. We have re-fallen in love every day we have been here. By the next Saturday, our snowshoes came in the mail and we were off! We bought our bear spray and took the same trail that the guide showed us.


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