Hello and nice to meet you! We are Josh and Rocky Frazin and are delighted to share our journey to Big Sky Country! After many family and friends called us crazy for picking up and moving across the country with no plans, we decided to make a blog and share our experiences, for better or for worse!

A little about us…

Josh was a full time Grocery Manager for Publix Supermarkets. He has always had a burning feeling that he needed to do more, but never could figure out what. He was/is great at what he does, moved up really fast with the company, and for the past 11 years, has been streamlining his way to the American Dream. But we don’t want the American Dream. We want our dream. At 27 years old, he decided to “retire” from Publix, collect his stock earnings, and use that money to move us and all our furry children (3 dogs and 4 goats) across the country, to a mountainous location we have been dreaming about since we have met each other.

Rocky, real name Raquel, has convinced Josh to travel the country far and wide with her every chance they got, which turned out to be a lot of chances thanks to Publix. We have traveled to 19Β states together (27 cumulatively), flew to Hawaii for our honeymoon, hiked the 32 miles of the Appalachian Trail in 3 days, skied in Colorado for our first year anniversary, cruised the Bahamas, RV’ed across the midwest… All of those travels has made it apparent to us that Montana is the Last Best Place. So we have made our Last Best Decision to move there.

Hope you enjoy our Blog!


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